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Restaurant Kitchen Design: The Best Of The Best

If you've decided to try your hand at the ever competitive restaurant industry, you'll need the expertise of one of the leading providers of top of the line Restaurant Kitchen Design in the business: Garners Food Service Equipment. Not only is the company one of the most innovative as pertains to their expansive lines of kitchen equipment, it's also a pioneer in kitchen design. Providing its clients with consultations and concepts, Garners ensures optimal design and success for any fledgling business.
Garners Food Service Equipment prides itself on offering its clients the best in catering design that's both time and budget efficient. The company always provides its customers the best in conceptualisation and equipment, so rest assured that no matter what your culinary needs, styles, or customer type, you'll be given the absolute finest in kitchen accommodations.

Garners offers expertise in a wide range of kitchen sizes and shapes --from restaurant kitchens to Central Production Units (CPUS), garden centres to multi complex sports stadia, Garners is a master of creating some of the most unique and customer conscious designs. Their Restaurant Kitchen Design options are a wide range of options that are sure to fit any culinary sanctum. Whether you own a humble diner or a five star masterpiece, Garners is sure to be able to conceptualise the best design to blend your vision to your customers' expectations.

Garners' brilliant team of designers is completely professional and incredibly open-minded. With a level of expertise that surpasses some of the most heralded in the business, Garners is sure to be able to create and develop any catering design concept. The company's Commercial Catering Design Consultants are ingenious in their abilities to make manifest the desires and ideas of their clients. The company also offers an unparalleled level of professionalism with every client with which it works, providing a liaison that meets with the restaurant owner(s) at all times throughout the designing stages. What's more impressive is Garners' ability to work with the client and within the client's required budget to create a culinary environment that can truly contend with the giants of the restaurant industry.

Garners is firmly dedicated to ensuring that its clients get their desired outcome. With only the customer's happiness in mind, Garners goes the extra mile to ensure that every design and operational objective is achieved. Always looking to innovate (never duplicate), Garners makes use of the state of the art Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. CAD offers some of the most ingenuous technology to ensure that your catering business has the best design: server designs, computer imagery and 3D artists' visuals, interior design and sample boards, and layouts and evaluations for Commercial Refrigeration and Commercial Kitchens.

About the author: If you want to take the first step to driving your restaurant up the market ladder visit You'll not only be sure to have the best design that possible, you'll have the guidance of one of the world leaders in Restaurant Kitchen Design.

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restaurant designs and layouts

restaurant designs and layouts

restaurant designs and layouts
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6 Responses to Restaurant Designs And Layouts

  1. babiiboo

    Help with writing an introduction for an assignment?
    For a college assignment, we had to visit a restaurant and evalute it. I mean EVERYTHING! food, staff, cutlery, table design, restaurant layout, toilets – the whole works. I have completed all of this but i need to introduce it! Introductions are my weakness!
    Any tips?

    • Viggen

      You are in college, be sure not to write in the first person ( I think…, I discovered…, I did…) unless specified by your professor.
      Your introduction should be somewhat simple since you have the rest of the work completed, go to each section you evaluated and pull out some main descriptive elements and use them to introduce the restaurant as whole. Ask yourself how you would describe the restaurant to someone if you only had 2 minutes to do it.
      Then if you want to make it like a real “research” paper:
      The part two of the introduction can state what the following research and/or evaluations will show (do they correlate with a certain theory about restauranting that you have learned about?). The part three of the introduction could summarize your findings and present a thesis statement if you need one.
      In essence the introduction could be between 1-2 pages, double spaced, which really is not that much.
      Good luck!

  2. QQ-Lady

    How i can find out the restaurant kitchen’s floor plan layout design / restaurant kitchen’s layout and design?
    Not home’s kitchen, is restaurant’s kitchen……………..
    Can u all please help me?
    This was my school assignment.
    Please, i felt tough to find it.

    **If can, please let me know also ’bout the e-mail.
    Thanks 4 who answering my question!!!

    The best answer will get ten marks!!! =D

  3. Chels~bo~Bels

    How can I get a 5 star restaurant in the computer game “Restaurant Empire”?
    I have been playing this game for a very long time and I always suck at it. Either my service is horrible or the delivery time is too slow. I’ve tried absolutely everything to fix it too! But nothing seems to work. Any ideas on how to get a 5 star restaurant and maybe some ideas on a good layout design for a restaurant. Thanks

    • rbxcbe

      Service is horrible is usually caused by staff with low training. Up your training budget for a several months and that should increase the service a lot. Training is expensive, though.

      As for delivery time, even if you have perfect staff, you will have terrible delivery time if your tables are too close together. I put my tables 2 together with one space for the partition and the next set of 2 tables need to be 4 spaces away. Be sure that none of the blue sections overlap! This way, you can actually serve tables on both sides of the aisle at once. Very important!!! Another way to shorten delivery time is to have two doors from your kitchen. And move the door towards the center of the restaurant space. Also, be sure that there’s adequate walking space behind the chairs (2 spaces) so servers can walk behind the chairs even when someone is pulling out the chair to sit in it.

      On the surface, it seems like spacing out the tables this much will decrease the number of people your restaurant can serve. This turns out to be completely untrue. When you open up the tables, traffic goes so much better so people can get their food faster (and get all the food they ordered so you actually make all the money), eat faster, move out faster. So your turnover rate shoots through the roof.

      As for getting the 5 star restaurant, you gotta max out everything. Max out service with training. Buy all the exterior upgrades and decorate with the finest decorations. Put your best chefs in that restaurant. You can even remove items from the menu that are only 2 or 3 stars in quality.

      Good luck!

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