Restaurant Kitchen Design

restaurant kitchen design Restaurant Kitchen Design

Restaurant Kitchen Design: 6 Things You Should Know

Whenever you start a business dealing with food, a proper kitchen is the first and most essential room. So, you need to think very seriously about how you are going to set up your kitchen. If you have one of the nicer dine in restaurants, then the importance of the kitchen takes on a completely new meaning because that means more types of food from the entrée to the dessert. You will need a larger kitchen, more types of equipment and probably more people than a typical fast food restaurant.

• The design and layout are very important in the kitchen as well as the equipment and gadgets you will need. It is not enough to have the equipment. The equipment should also be placed in the correct position. The design is important because a carefully designed kitchen can actually improve the efficiency of the staff, which in turn can raise the reputation of your restaurant. If you are starting new, hire professionals to help you design and do the layout of the kitchen.

• Mostly the designs of kitchens follow some basic pattern. The difference occurs due to the nature of the restaurant and the size. Even if you hire professionals for the job of designing your kitchen, be able to interact with them and help anyway you can. You will be able to convey your requirements easily and understand what the professional is willing to do.

• However, the first thing in any restaurant kitchen is employee safety. There should be enough room for the staff to move around. Remember they will move about with hot substances and if there is not enough room, then there will be chances of accidents and the speed of your kitchen will also get affected. If you cannot manage a large enough space for the kitchen, then you should keep the number of items less on your menu as well keep your restaurant limited to a moderate size.

• The kitchen should be well lit. Light is very important because you want your cooks to get the food right in color and texture. Color and texture are the things apart from the taste that will draw diners to your restaurant. Next, is the equipment, which will all be of heavy-duty variety? All of these will require proper installation and the supply of water, electricity and gas should be safely installed. Make sure you convey the requirements to your designer properly so that they can design the layout efficiently.

• One more matter to keep in mind is you have to be flexible. Remember, your restaurant may not be serving the same dishes year after year. Also during the holidays, you may need to add some temporary equipment to cater to the rush of diners. Be ready to accommodate when things change.

• Finally, keep an eye on your budget. Try to stick as close to it as possible.

Now that you know the basics to building a fantastic kitchen, go ahead, start building the one you always dreamt you’d have in your restaurant.

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restaurant kitchen design

restaurant kitchen design

restaurant kitchen design
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6 Responses to Restaurant Kitchen Design

  1. QQ-Lady

    How i can find out the restaurant kitchen’s floor plan layout design / restaurant kitchen’s layout and design?
    Not home’s kitchen, is restaurant’s kitchen……………..
    Can u all please help me?
    This was my school assignment.
    Please, i felt tough to find it.

    **If can, please let me know also ’bout the e-mail.
    Thanks 4 who answering my question!!!

    The best answer will get ten marks!!! =D

  2. QQ-Lady

    How i can find out the restaurant’s kitchen floor plan design or restaurant’s layout and design?
    Can u all please help me?
    This was my school assignment.
    Please, i felt tough to find it.
    If can, please let me know also ’bout the e-mail.
    Thanks 4 who answering my question!!!
    sorry not restaurant’s layout and design, it’s restaurant’s kitchen layout and design.
    The floor plan inside the restaurant kitchen.
    Always remember not home’s kitchen, is restaurant’s kitchen! =D
    Thank you very much!!!

    • Engineer Adam


      Ask the city for plans
      Ask the restaurant owner for plans (Best chance)
      Draw it up yourself with a tape measure

  3. Curious

    restaurant kitchen pluming design code & standard?

    what code & standards would u use in designing the plumbing of a restaurant kitchen ? I’m first looking for some sort of a table which gives the expected sewer flow rate which comes off the kitchen funnels.

    Thanks heaps

    • redbeardthegiant

      Ask your local Health Department, or whoever inspects restaurants.

      In the US, the BOCA codes *might* cover it.

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